Write Your Book

During my Spring 2011 semester, I interned at Write Your Book with Lisa Tener. As an editorial intern I was given the opportunity to hone my professional writing dexterity in addition to exploring new avenues in the publishing industry. I made it a primary goal to improve my professional voice by assisting my supervisor in updating her course materials in addition to observing her create a book proposal step-by-step. I researched and facilitated the proposal content which highlighted my organized independence. Moreover, by formatting and proofreading I was exposed to instructional materials and later given the chance to create my own handouts. My supervisor critiqued my products and demonstrated how to be concise, resulting in fresh, engaging and useable resources for the Write Your Book classes. With the confidence and expertise of my supervisor, I expanded my writing abilities from an academic and playful slant to the professional tone necessary for my career. Learning about public relations and social media was essential in todayís fast-paced environment. Furthermore, meetings and writing conferences allowed me to network as well as polish my communication talents. Leading into this internship, a main interest of mine was studying milestone steps in the process of assisting an authorís idea to become a published piece. Experiencing Write Your Book clients transform their budding ideas into fully blossomed stories was beyond rewarding. As an aspiring author looking to further my career in the writing field, this internship was a priceless facet to advancing my familiarity with the industry.

Crittenton Women's Union (CWU)

Following my graduation, I obtained a marketing and communications internship with Crittenton Womenís Union in Boston. My duties focused around improving their social media presence on platforms such as twitter, facebook and their blog. Placing their trust in my ability, I worked independently the majority of the time, both in the office and at home to maintain a steady and effective stream of online promotion. Working under well practiced marketers, I acquired an indispensable understanding of the lingo and techniques to targeting an audience. My goal entering this internship was to harness my marketing ability and absorb as much information as I could during my time with CWU. As with my editorial internship, meetings and conferences provided a foothold for me to launch my creativity into this field. On top of producing online content, I offered assistance in renewing the blog and designing flyers and email appeals. While these projects were completed one-on-one with the web specialist, I also joined the marketing department in think tank discussions about their major campaign for runners in the Boston Marathon. We reviewed information and strategies to properly locate participants and donors for the first-ever team.

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