The Havoc's Knot Series

After reading inspirational fantasy classics, Rachel embarked on her own journey to create a tale that would fill readers with excitement and spark their imagination. The past decade she has spent countless hours creating an unusual coming-of-age tale that features suspenseful action, romance and comedy that blends into the compelling adventure of The Havoc's Knot Series.

The first novel, The Mages' Sword, showcases the trails of an unsuspecting boy named Jacob who stumbles into a journey he isn't nearly equipped to undergo. When curiosity convinces him to intervene, Jake accidentally steals a prophesized destiny and is forced to traverse a foreign world where animals resemble humans in search of a mysterious sword that is said to bring peace. Rife with tension, the multi-cultural society relies on a centuries old tradition of spirit guides, or eidolons, to help them overcome daily strife. With the help of his dragon spirit, Jake battles through fantastical lands to confront a power-hungry wolf named, King Methius who encourages canine supremacy. Terrified of the task, but more fearful of disappointing others, Jake grapples with knowing the destiny he must perform is stolen.

This four part series follows Jake as he traverses a world of elpehantine fauna and unusual beasts, fighting against friend and foe in an attempt to prevent King Methius' takeover. Without revealing his humble origins, Jake must overcome shyness and insecurity to embrace the strong will of the dragon spirit if he is to live up to his title as a hero.

Interested in reading Rachel's writing? Her short story, The Second Civil War is now available!

In addition, Rachel's crtical essays are available to read on the side of this page, or if you're more interested in non-fiction writing tips for the new and seasoned writer, please view the informative entries located on my blog.


Short Story

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Internal Beauty versus External Appearances PDF

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