If Skyscrapers Had Secrets

In 2124, the City That Never Sleeps doesn't eat either. Sixteen-year-old Dax knows they're too damn poor to buy food, never mind a life-saving transplant for his sick mother. If he doesn't find a solution Telsa-quick, Dax risks losing another family member. Only, he never thought he'd get the sickness as well.

His best chance lies with the city's most infamous street gang: the Angels, who have a reputation for actually helping people. For any successful mission, Dax is handsomely rewarded by the gang's wealthy, young leader, Ma. And for a while, that's all the matters. But when missions to save lives transform into finding dead bodies, its clear working with the Angels is more dangerous than it seems.

With the help of his best friend Talia, a capable hacker, Dax is determined to figure out just what the hell is going on. Even if it means tapping into the Interlink, the city's ever-present security system, in order to uncover the truth. So long as he can ignore his suspicions, there's still a chance to save his mother's life. On the other hand, if Dax exposes the Angels as crooks, his sickness might not be what kills him.